The Phoenix Trolley Museum
Relocation Plan The Arizona Street Railway Museum, dba the Phoenix Trolley Museum, currently leases its museum location from the city of Phoenix for a nominal sum. The leased site is a strip of land about 50 feet by 300 feet located between the Ellis-Shackelford House and Margaret T. Hance (“Deck”) Park, on the west side of Central Avenue just south of McDowell Road. The site includes a 1940’s dental office converted to the museum office, a wood frame and corrugated metal trolley shed, and track laid along the length of the site. The museum’s lease is typically renewed in 5-year installments and is due for renewal in September, 2016. The city of Phoenix is unwilling to extend the lease for an additional 5-year period. This is due to planned redevelopment of Hance Park and the desire for a more “active” use in this critical corner/intersection of the park. City representatives have indicated willingness to extend the lease for one year, through September 2017, in order for the museum to make an orderly exit. At this time, the museum is not in a position to move its facilities. Preliminary estimates of preparing and relocating to facilities comparable to its existing museum site are in the $300,000-$500,000 range, far exceeding the means of this small nonprofit organization. This plan is created in response to this crisis event in the history of the museum. If the museum is to survive as an independent entity located in Phoenix, most closely related to its historic roots of the Phoenix Street Railway, it must rapidly reinvent itself, raise significant funding, and execute a move. Relocation Plan Outline Organizational Development – 4 months – January 2016 through April 2016 • Re-examine the scope of the museum and if necessary, re-define the mission of the organization to correspond with public interest and demand • Create Coordinating Committee including members representing broad community interests • Create and adopt a compelling vision for a completed and operating museum • Develop Board of Directors capacity to finance and direct operation of a museum • Increase active membership Operating Plan – 2 months – May 2016 through June 2016 • Business plan • Operational budget • Staffing and volunteer needs and responsibilities • Array of programs and activities (“the product”) Transition Plan – 4 months – July 2016 through October 2016 • Identify location • Identify facilities needed • Identify process to achieve physical relocation • Evaluate potential for staged/phased relocation • Estimate capital costs and relocation costs Fund Raising – 12 to 24 months or more – November 2016 through about December 2017 … • Develop fundraising strategy • Obtain direct donations (kickstarter / gofundme?) • Solicit major donations from individuals and foundations • Corporate sponsorships • Targeted grant writing • Special event(s) Execution – 24 months – March 2017 through February 2019 • Site and/or building acquisition • Architectural and engineering designs • Permits • Construction contract • Relocation (potential interim storage/display site?)

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